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You turn on the TV and pick up where you left off last time. T remember as much about the night as you thought you did. Re having a little trouble concentrating, probably from all the new information flooding back to you. Hey, uh, are we watching the same movie again. Yeah, sorry for taking up our time. I know you always have a good sense of humor. You continue to say not getting as much out of her as you thought you would, but she keeps going on about some of her other interests. You start to catch on that she must have a lot of interest to be taking the time to talk with you about them. You always wondered what those were since she was so passive about them until her phone started beeping. Why else would I be calling you and bothering you at this hour. Ve been up for quite a while listening to the game you told me about yesterday. S like an old school adventure game. Hey, you were supposed to join yesterday.

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