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You wont be caught dead doing anything related to this cult. You decide not to try and join some big-time cult or anything like that. This is not something you want to get involved in. You see no point in getting sucked in. If you ever do join this cult, you will know why youre doing it. You are willing to try and join, but you wont join the cult ifwhen you try. You arent taking the chance of joining such a cult. As hard as you try, you just cant bring yourself to go through all that would be involved with joining a cult like this one. You wont join anything that has to do with anything. You also wont join anything that doesnt make you feel good about yourself, although at the time you didnt give a shit about being in control of a country You see no point in wasting your time or that of your fellow man on something like this, so you decide to stay in your own reality by staying out of it. You dont let the fact that you cant join the whole Illuminati conspiracy stop you from trying to find a way to get yourself out of this place. As long as you stay in your reality of course. You can do everything in this reality that you want to do with the rest of your life, so you just stay in your reality. So you keep on on your current path, and enjoy your happy life, and you make a new timeline that keeps you in your happy life. Well its the best outcome you can think of. But in some ways you still wish you could get out of here. Year 50You cant believe it, but you cant wait to die. At one time you would have said you would be happy living to reach the end of your life, but now you really dont think you ever are. Perhaps you will die a broken old man, but you are not happy. There is no joy like you once knew. You dont even feel sad, you just feel numb. You would also prefer to die with no regrets. Perhaps you will be happier living through the end of your life, but youre not sure if this is going to be enjoyable. You begin to feel tired and tired all the time. You have no energy, and your mind is becoming more and more jumbled as you see things that arent really there. Then one day out of nowhere it happens. You look at your watch and know that it is time for you to go.

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