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The Trump administration has already made good on one of President Trumps campaign promises by withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate agreement. Now two top Trump advisers are telling the media that the United States may not participate in the rest of the Paris Agreement, the historic global agreement to fight climate change signed by 195 countries in 2015. White House officials recently told the New York Times that the United States will withdraw from the non-binding Paris Agreement, a treaty ratified by the Senate and requiring the signature of the president to become effective. But Trumps Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Scott Pruitt, told the Times that the United States will withdraw from all the rest of the agreement. We think that theyre all essentially the same, Pruitt said. I think theres something ambiguous in the text and were going to leave it the way it is. Pruitt also suggested that withdrawing from the treaty could help the United States meet its goals of reducing carbon pollution. Pruitts comments come two months after the Trump administrations official position on climate change was that human activity has contributed to global warming and that it is a problem that will be addressed through technological advances. The administrations latest comments suggest that this position has changed. However, it seems a little surprising given that Donald Trump campaigned on an America First platform that has long been seen as hostile to climate action, climate science, and international efforts to combat it. In fact, despite the administrations hostility to the Paris climate agreement, the administration is still trying to implement the United States commitments under the Obama administrations Clean Power Plan, which was intended to reduce carbon pollution from power plants, despite legal challenges and Trumps pledge to overturn the plan. Is not the only country that is concerned about climate change. Other countries are taking action, as the Paris Agreement shows. For example, China announced in June that it plans to keep its pledge to reduce carbon pollution, stating in a report that the world must urgently tackle climate change and that a world without borders is no world at all. Trump has yet to make a policy decision on the Paris climate agreement, even as his administration has signaled it will pursue a America First approach to international environmental agreements. The Paris Agreements non-binding nature has also complicated the presidents decision-making process. In March, the United States pledged to be among the leaders in the fight against climate change, yet many foreign leaders have not signed onto the non-binding, voluntary agreement. Despite the uncertainty of how the president will handle US participation in the Paris Agreement, climate scientists say that it is vital for the planet to move forward on an aggressive climate policy agenda as part of our national security interests. But how the United States can ensure its national security in the face of the risks of climate change.

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