Chris Evans! Harry Styles! See Which Stars Have Super-Hot Brothers and Sisters

Olivia Wilde

The Booksmart director’s younger brother Charlie Cockburn has caught the eye of fans on a number of occasions — most recently when the sibling duo took a walk in Los Angeles. 

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Florence Pugh 

Turns out acting runs in the Little Women actress’s blood! Her (gorgeous) big brother, Toby Sebastian, had a role on Game of Thrones as Prince Trystane Martell.

Before you wonder if there’s any sibling rivalry, Toby is super supportive of his little sister. He congratulated her for her very first Oscar nomination with a sweet Instagram, which he captioned, “4 years ago this girl was nominated for a Critics Choice Circle Award. 2 years later she was nominated for the @bafta Rising Star Award. Today my friends, she’s been nominated for an Oscar. Yes, an OSCAR. You have worked your arse off and you’ve been exquisite in every single one of your performances. Proud doesn’t cover it.”

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Pink’s brother, Lt. Col. Jason Moore (that’s right, he’s a military man!) made many commenters stand up and salute when the singer shared a photo of her big brother during a family reunion. It’s clear that she looks up to him (literally and figuratively). 

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Chris Evans

The star’s 2019 Oscars date was his younger brother Scott, an actor most known for his role on One Life to Live. The guys have two sisters, too. 

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Margot Robbie

The stunners from Down Under! The Australian actress has a sister and two brothers — the younger of which, Cameron, is an actor and now model, hitting the runway for Australian retailer David Jones.

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Rami Malek

Double trouble! The Bohemian Rhapsody star admits that he and his twin brother, Sami (whom he brought to the Golden Globes in January), were “troublemakers” in their youth. Rami even impersonated his brother to deliver an acting monologue to help Sami pass a college class — then ducked out before anyone could ask too many questions.

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Zac Efron

The world can be a difficult place sometimes, but then Zac Efron and his equally attractive younger brother Dylan pose with baby goats and things are momentarily okay.

Though Dylan isn’t an actor like his big bro, he is part of the family business, as he’s worked on films Get HardCHIPS and Unforgettable as the assistant to producer Ravi Mehta.

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Kate Hudson

Older brother Oliver can’t help but look up to his little sister, Kate, he revealed to PEOPLE. “She’s always been incredible – the way she handles her life, the way she handles her kids, the way she handles her breakup — she is someone to look up to and someone to study,” said Oliver, who shares a brother, Wyatt Russell, with Kate as well. “She’s happy and knows how to deal and knows how to emote and knows how to get angry and then knows how to pull it back.”

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Dakota Johnson

The Fifty Shades Darker actress sat front row at the Gucci Cruise show in Florence, Italy, with her two half-sisters: Stella Banderas-Griffith — daughter of Johnson’s mom Melanie Griffith and her ex-husband Antonio Banderas — and Grace Johnson, daughter of Johnson’s dad Don Johnson and his current wife Kelley Phleger. There may be four different parents among the three, but it’s clear that good looks run in the entire family.

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Nicholas Hoult

It’s always difficult to balance work and family, but Hoult and his sister Rosanna, a fellow actor, seem to have it down — the two even starred together in the film Kill Your Friends. And the Hoult family’s Hollywood dominance doesn’t stop there: Their younger sister Clarista has also made her mark on the small screen.

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Blake Lively

Being camera-ready is a family affair for these two: The actress’s older brother, Eric, a sometime actor and model, helped his little sis announce her pregnancy news the first time around by photographing her baby bump.

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Justin Theroux

If you like the rocker look, brother Justin and Sebastian seem to share the same taste in clothes.

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Scarlett Johansson

The actress’s twin, Hunter, told PEOPLE his sis (she’s older by three minutes!) helps him out when it comes to meeting women: “She tells me how girls think. When I’m stuck, I call [her].”

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Taylor Swift

Austin has curls, a winning smile and a thing for cats, just like his big sis. And, you know, 200,000 Twitter followers.

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Jessica Alba

Sorry, ladies: Alba’s younger brother, Joshua, an actor who had a role in Dark Angel back in the day, is taken (and has adorable kids, just like Jess).

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Nikki Reed

Reed is close with hunky older brother Nathan, who shares her love of dogs and the great outdoors.

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Penélope Cruz

Twins? Nope! Monica is a Spanish actress and dancer, who was also blessed with the luscious locks and full-lipped smile Penélope boasts.

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Jennifer Lawrence

They didn’t know it at the time, but the actress’s older brothers, Ben and Blaine, definitely toughened their sis up for her Hunger Games role. “I’ve got scars all over my body,” she told David Letterman. “The best part – they would fight each other over who could fight me.”

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Adam Levine

The Maroon 5 singer’s younger brother Michael has the good looks and sense of humor Adam fans everywhere have grown to love, as showcased on his Instagram account. “Only my sister in law would stick her tongue out at the Oscars. @behatiprinsloo,” he wrote during the awards.

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Gisele Bündchen

Patricia, the supermodel’s twin, is just one of the six Bündchen girls in the family.

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Lily James

Cinderella star James has two brothers, one younger and one older, whom she’d drag to musicals as a kid. “I think I saw Mamma Mia! about five times,” she told Interview magazine of sibs Sam and Charlie. Now, she just drags them to her movie premieres, as evidenced by her recent Instagram shot.

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Hayden Panettiere

A self-described writer/actor/producer/entrepreneur, Jansen has a nice physique thanks to regular workouts, hikes and tumbling – and, of course, genetics!

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Harry Styles

The secret to Gemma’s pretty face could be on her Twitter feed: “Ramen steam facial,” the older sister of the One Direction singer shared in a Tweet about her beauty routine.

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Lady Gaga

While Natali Germanotta — who studied fashion in New York — has style, it’s definitely different than her older sister’s. “Some of the stuff she wears I’d be like, ‘No, never,'” she told Teen Vogue.

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