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Beauty Break provides a positive and upbeat destination for todays modern woman. Beauty Breaks rating contains a positive and upbeat topic for todays women. The description is quite clear which could also be the case with Beauty Break. There is not even a photo of the bar, but the title and description speak to that fact. Beauty Break is the most recent entry in a long line of beauty content on YouTube. The phrase beauty has been in use on the Internet since the late 1980s, and it was only in 2009 that the U. Department of Commerce officially recognized it in its own official dictionary, in the definition a state of being young and attractive; youthfulness. The term has been used on Internet message boards since 2004 when the first popular one-sentence entry appeared. I just had my first orgasm in a long time, it read. The most popular definition is in the dictionary, but the most likely reason for the recent rise in beauty content is the popularity of the Internet as a whole. YouTube is the number one YouTube site in the world and the search term beauty is second only to mom. A recent Google Trends report found that beauty searches climbed 11 percent across the U. In April, more than double the rate for all other search terms in the U. Googles search tool displays a high bar on videos containing the term. The first beauty video was posted in 2006 and it had nearly 250 views when it was first detected by Google News. A handful of such beauty videos continued to surface each month and after six years, YouTube had amassed 1,812 videos with the term in the title by July 2008. The first YouTube beauty videos began popping up in the U. In 2006, with more than 350 appearing in April. That number doubled to more than 1,000 in July, and 1,800 in September. By June 2008, the number of videos containing beauty had reached nearly 3,000, and they only continued to increase. The vast majority of these videos are short clips that use simple editing and music tracks. Often they do not have names, including beauty videos but most contain a series of words that describe the scene. In February 2007 YouTube created a dedicated Beauty section in the Browse feature that was supposed to be a beauty channel.

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