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You head to the shop and enter from the back and wait until the lady behind the counter finishes her business and then ask her about the product. She tells you that the packaging should say that the stuff is from Jamaica, then she goes on to tell you that the stuff she has in stock tastes a lot better. You go to the register and start to pay, when you notice something slightly strange. In the BUY THIS section where it would say the price of the product, you see two prices. One is the regular price and another is a ridiculous price that youve never seen before; it says 2,250,000. You cant believe someone would charge that much for one bottle. The Customer doesnt seem to have noticed the outrageous price. He is an intelligent man and doesnt get excited over anything, but he really has to be angry when hes confronted with something like that. That really is a ridiculous price for just one bottle of product. He quickly figures out what the heck you mean and explains what you mean by the BONUS in his usual efficient manner. He says that what you really mean is that he gets two of the bottles. 00 so you better not be getting two of them. You know he does, because he says he wasnt lying when he said he hadnt heard of such a thing in his time. You tell him if the bottle comes in that price, you wont be taking it since there is nothing in it for you. You take it anywayYou cant believe what youre hearing, but you know what youre doing. You know your husband will appreciate this, and youre sure of it that hell be glad to see you so happy. You buy one of the two bottles and bring it straight home. Its then you really come to realize that you really need to make the most of this gift and the only way to do so is to go shopping. You have only enough money left over from your purchase for one more bottle. You take the two bottles and a carton of milk and head out to the grocery stores, just before the next big sale is to start. You know you should just buy the regular price stuff, but then you remember your husband and how he hates having to spend money, so you go shopping for yourself. You spend most of your money on the first bag of chocolate which is about the only good thing you buy up. You look at your husband and you tell him how well youve done for your money. He says he has no quarrel with you. Then you go back home and just as youre about to put that away, you see the bottle in.

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