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And the actual, the5year of tears, a message, a message for everyone. The number of attacks in Turkey has risen this year and there are fears this could be a repeat of last year when an Islamic State suicide bomber killed 54 people. One of the deadliest attacks was carried out on New Years Eve in the town of Reyhanli when 33-year-old Syrian-Kurd Siti Aisyah was killed by Isis fighters when she entered the citys Reina nightclub. In recent months Istanbul has been hit by suicide bombings, gun attacks and a shooting at a peace demonstration, with attacks on police increasing, and the number of deaths in terrorist attacks in Turkey now more than 200. A man holds a placard showing the picture of Turkeys pro-Kurdish Peoples Democratic Party, HDP, Peoples Democratic Party – Kurdish militia Peoples Democratic Party – Kurdish Peoples Protection Units, YPG, hold up a picture of a dead boy allegedly killed with gunfire and a blast, after a bombing attack on a military convoy in the town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province J. REUTERSOsman OrsalThis is the first year since 2013 that there has been no major attack in the capital Ankara or the capital Istanbul. But a series of explosions and shootings in Ankara on July 20 killed at least 44 people and wounded about 250 others. The first bomb went off outside the main train station where security forces were clearing out a group of Kurdish activists. Two police officers were killed and two others were critically injured. The government has blamed the PKK, a militant Kurdish group that has been waging a 30-year insurgency for greater autonomy. The government says its own security forces are the main victims of the attacks. In an indication at the nature of the governments response, police have arrested and charged dozens of Islamic State supporters with plotting attacks against members of the ruling AK Party. Police in the central city of Kayseri have also seized arms and ammunition during a series of security operations in a city that borders Syria. Reuters could not independently verify the details of the Kayseri and Ankara operations and Reuters reporters were shown photographs of the raids but not allowed to enter the raid rooms, which are usually cordoned off by police. The government says it is doing all it can to prevent the kind of attack seen in nearby Brussels in March when suicide bombers killed 32 people.

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