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Disney Inspired Disney Inspired Ages Bustles Earmuffs. Were going to keep on doing this every week until we run out of the entries, though if we dont get too much shit well stop. In fact, I think Ive gotten so much trash lately, I think it would be best if we all just cleaned up in one week. Your new world order of sorts is starting to form. And it will continue to form and evolve no matter what the consequences, Youll probably get a group of new followers by now. Some of the kids you were playing with have joined you now. You take care of everything nowYou can start taking care of things yourself. You figure youll start teaching them your skills. You have a feeling theyll really need the help, and as long as you know how to handle things, theyll follow you to the bitter end. You go to bed and find your new little gang cuddled up to you. You continue with the projectYou get up and you continue on with your work. Theres no way you ever would have been able to achieve what you have without the help of the other ponies. This project has given you so many ideas of where you want to go.

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