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Liu Wen Yang, 1936-2013, actress, starletChinas best actress, and its most talented. She won the best actress award from the Beijing Film Critics Society in 1978. Liu Wen Yang, the lead actress of the film Kiangnan 1894 is not dating her Chinese co-star Ethan Ruan. Liu Wen Yang has made headlines after she allegedly received a call from her Chinese boyfriend, who is currently overseas. According to the rumors, Liu Wen Yang, 26, has met up with her boyfriend on the set of her upcoming TV series, Kiangnan 1894, in Korea. Liu Wen Yang and her boyfriend have been living with the actor for the past few days to prepare for their upcoming show, a source from Liu Wen Yangs Official Fan Club announced yesterday on Weibo. In other news, it has been reported that the two are planning to spend a day out for dinner in Hangzhou. Liu Wen Yang is scheduled to play the role of a Chinese woman to a French audience, who had been captured by Napoleon Bonaparte. The actress boyfriend was reportedly able to see Liu Wen Yang at that time, and he will be going along with her as well. Liu Wen Yang herself has been promoting the drama Kiangnan 1894 at the Beijing International Film Festival. Kiangnan 1894, which is inspired by the legendary 1894 Beijing Olympics, is a modernized remake of director Guo Jianzhis classic The King and the Immortal. The film will be screened in Beijing on July 22 at the Beijing International Film Festival. In the films first episode, Liu Wen Yang plays a Chinese woman who was imprisoned by Napoleon Bonaparte at the foot of the Great Wall, which she is unable to escape because of her pregnancy. Afterward, she meets a French prisoner who takes her on a tour of Beijing in a Chinese car. Liu Wen Yang is most famous for her performance in the classic The King and the Immortal. She is also known to have played a Chinese prostitute in the 1996 Hong Kong movie A View to a Kill and as the heroine of Shanghais Forbidden City. The actress personal life is still somewhat ambiguous. Although her parents have told media outlets that Liu Wen Yang is married to her manager and is living with him, a source from Liu Wen Yangs Official Fan Club has said that the two are living together as a couple. Com Net has previously revealed that Liu Wen Yang has a long-term boyfriend called Mr.

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