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Eventually they are convinced that this is all false propaganda and that you are a disgruntled Trump supporter and let you pass to get through. After about 20 minutes of walking around the city, you find a Starbucks where you sit and ponder your next move. M done with protesting and should probably go to bed, not that I slept much last night. You sit and think on your next move. Ll have to see what the hell is going on with my local TV. M waiting for your boyfriend to come pick you up. Sigh, Shit, what am I going to say to her. S still time to change your mind. Re about to leave the Starbucks, you are pulled up from behind by the same police officer that pulled you out of the cafe and asked to step back in. Re not paying any attention are you. The cop walks you back to where he pointed and you continue your walk back home. Re the one that told me about your secret club. Yeah, we all know how close they.

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