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Your T-zone 1-ing your night time look, but not much else. The End 1-ing 1-ing your night time feelYoure so tired from all the work, youre ready to crash down on the sofa. But you know you have to keep yourself going for today and get to work on time. You set yourself a shower and stretch your tired muscles for a while. Then you walk to the bathroom, turn on the shower and slip on a robe to soak up the heat. You hop in the shower and pull the robe over your head, sliding and straining as you hold onto your hair in an attempt to hang on for dear life and then the water hits your face. You hate washing your face, your hands are too dry and the whole ordeal takes forever. Then the towel comes out just long enough to cover your whole body. You slide it off and grab your robe. Its almost like a second skin, tight on the inside and loose on the outside. You keep tugging at the edges and it never really fits your size, but its better than nothing. You sit on the bathroom floor and close your eyes as the cold water lathers over your skin and the soothing music from the shower keeps you calm. You roll over, pull the robe off your body and pull the bath towel off around you. You grab your make up bag and slide it into the back and reach for the lighter on the side and set it on your dresser. Your head goes blank then your hands go numb and you feel the skin of your face being drawn and pulled on by unseen forces. It has to be some sort of hallucination or maybe your body has gone into spasm. The pain goes on, its like the whole rest of your body is in some sort of severe allergic reaction to whatever you inhaled in the shower. Your heart is racing, your pupils are dilated and you cant think. Your head is throbbing and you can still feel it, but its no longer hurt.

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