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Yeah, I know all about your spiderman skills. You grab your bags and get your bags while Bobby and Diana are speaking behind you. Ll go get everything cleaned up. Ll walk you over to the car then. You and Bobby leave the party and Bobby walks over to the vehicle which looks like a beat up minivan. In case you needed any convincing, I can do a better job in handling this than you can. You sit in the minivan, which is surprisingly comfortable. Bobby says you can pull up to the garage to get ready if you want. Bobby says and then looks behind you. You hear the vehicle start up and then Bobby say one last thing. S over and you just need to get some sleep. Re feeling the buzz of rest right now and are ready to be asleep. You close your eyes and just drift off. Re just getting bored and the dream is just your imagination or possibly all of the above. You look in the mirror and see your eyes starting to tear up.

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