Courtney Stodden Comes Out As Non-Binary

Courtney Stodden is living more authentically than ever these days, and the model isn’t letting anyone get in their way. You may remember Stodden from their controversial marriage to Doug Hutchison, an actor who appeared in The Green Mile and on Lost. According to ABC News, the two first met when Stodden was 16 years old and Hutchinson was 51. They reportedly connected at a “workshop” he was holding for aspiring actors. Hutchison admitted that, when he found out Stodden was only 16, his “world turned upside down” because he had “already started falling for [Stodden].” After both of Stodden’s parents signed off on it, the duo — who have a 35 year age gap — married in a Las Vegas ceremony.

After years of a tumultuous marriage, Stodden and Hutchison officially divorced in 2020. Stodden got candid about the relationship on Instagram, saying that they felt “absolutely taken advantage of” and that they’d been “scared to even speak up about feeling groomed or being verbally abused” throughout the marriage. Stodden has been establishing independence over the years, and now, they’ve made a big announcement about their identity. 

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Courtney Stodden says they 'don't identify as she or her'

Courtney Stodden has a big update about their life and identity: they’ve come out as non-binary! The singer made the announcement on Instagram and Twitter, writing “They/them/theirs. I don’t identify as she or her,” alongside a selfie. In the post, Stodden also details bullying they faced in school “because [they] were different.” Stodden ended their post by saying that their “spirit is fluid with a kaleidoscope of color.”

Stodden also gave a statement to Variety, which further explained their decision to come out. “I’m excited to begin to truly start expressing myself without worry of others’ judgments or opinions,” Stodden explained. “I’ve lived too long hiding from who I really am. I’m so excited for everyone to see my true self creatively and spiritually.”

Along with coming out as non-binary, Stodden is also releasing a new song and music video titled “Pleasure,” which they detailed in their statement to Variety. “Last month I filmed a music video for my upcoming single ‘[email protected]’ and it was so important for me to take control back from the men I’ve lived under,” Stodden explained of the song, adding that “it’s a role reversal of sorts and hope everyone feels empowered to be whoever the hell they want to be!”

We wish Stodden the best in living their happiest, most authentic life!

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