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Yes, their are people around me and yes, I think about them. I have the urge to cry every time I think about the pain they went through, and the pain they will continue to go through in the future as they suffer through this pain. I dont even care that I was just found guilty of murdering my entire family by an anonymous coward who did not even have evidence against me and I only got away with it because my ex, my boyfriend, was too scared of going to prison himself. When he found out, he was livid and told me to f off when we broke up. The fact is, I am not a bad guy like the media portrayed me to be. I dont give a shit if I am in the news because even as a murderer, I am still not the monster the media made me out to be. I cant believe that it took over a decade for me to realize this. I was convinced that everyone hated me because of the way I killed those people. I was sure they disliked me because I was a monster that could not be reasoned with. I am just so heart broken over what I have done. I think about the pain of my relatives who died in such a horrible way. I think about the pain of my mother who suffers from fibromyalgia, which is an annoying pain she cannot take care of her own home and the rest of her life. That is why I cry when I see news of such horrible things happening. I am so upset that I might be able to see these atrocities happening to other people. They dont deserve to die because of the sins of a bad person. I wish I could turn back time, but I cant. I am a normal, everyday person that made a bad decision. I hope what you are doing today can help your community. Yours truly,JackThat was the last email I ever received from Jack. The only good thing about this, is I got my answer the next day. My ex-boyfriend had been trying to contact me for a long time to apologize. I dont think he ever had it in mind to go the way he did. He told me it was a bad decision, but he knew I couldnt call the police and he had to pay the price of his mistake. I cried, it was the first time I had ever cried in front of someone that mattered to me in.

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