Cuban Doll Parts Ways With JayDaYoungan After Allegedly Seeing Gay Stuff on His Phone

After announcing her separation from the ’23 Island’ rapper, the ‘Pass Me’ femcee finds herself being criticized by some social media users for ‘outing’ him.

AceShowbizCuban Doll is back to the single market. Revealing that she has called it quits with JayDaYoungan, the “Pass Me” raptress divulged that she broke up with him because she has seen “gay stuff” on his phone.

The 23-year-old, real name Aaliyah Keef, made the revelation via Twitter. “The real reason me & jay broke up I went through his phone & seen gay stuff,” she spilled. “Ain’t nothing with that I never said anything because I don’t thinks he ready to tell y’all maybe I’m wrong for even saying this but it’s honestly truth.”

“It’s okay I’m GAY ALSO [heart emojis],” the musical artist went on noting in another tweet. “Maybe I was wrong but I’m not a liar.”

The announcement, however, led Cuban to land in hot water because many believe that she has no right to reveal someone else’s sexuality. “Outting someone is never cool… let them do it themselves,” one user suggested, before another echoed, “It’s not for you to out him. That is not ok.”

A third argued, “What do females get out of doing this like this is mad childish y’all broke up ok that;s fine but bashing them on the internet and etc or ‘outing’ trying to make a job of it smh.” Someone else emphasized, “Outing someone is never ok. Idgaf what he did.”

Cuban and JayDaYoungan began dating earlier this year. In April, the femcee took to Twitter to post a video of her vandalizing his ex Jordan B’s items. “This how you violate a b***h forreal,” she said in the footage.

In the clip, it could be seen many items were put in an outdoor swimming pool as Cuban was seen spraying ketchup, barbeque sauce and other condiments on them. “Hahaha GET BACK GANG !” she boasted after Jordan previously shared a video of herself damaging Cuban’s items on her social media account.

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