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Youre not surprised it isnt what they taught you in school. The rest is a story which needs to be told, though hopefully the story will be a little more hopeful than the last time you saw her. You stand at the edge of the river, looking out at the world with great distance. Theres a path ahead of you, but its not a normal bridge. Instead, you see a giant, two-legged beast with long, pointed ears standing on the other side. If you dont know any better, youd say it was a horse. It doesnt look very happy to see you. The sun is beginning its descent, which is good, because its too hot out today. You reach the water, and see that its no longer too shallow. You walk slowly downstream, watching as the river flows out of the valley, leaving a path like a map of a landscape. If you follow it, you can get back to the city without getting in the river, and you can eat all the food you want before the sun rises so that you wont get too hungry when you do get back. You head upstreamYou decide the path will be the best plan. The water is deep, so youll be getting to the surface eventually, and once youre on the surface, you can.

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