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Daisy Lowe bares all for Playboy Celebrities Entertainment. By RaineRP created – 14 May 2015 updated – 09 Aug 2018 Public. At last, youve found a charitable cause to support. You hear a chattering of tiny voices as you enter, which is followed by a small person. The small person appears to be holding a small feather duster in his hand and is standing in a corner of the room. You go into the corner of the roomYou follow the small person and enter the corner of the room. It turns out to be a little person who is about the same age as you. However, rather than being of human origin, he is of unknown origin. Well, I mean hes a little person, so I dont know what hes like. The way hes wearing the duster, the feather duster. I mean fancy in the traditional, human-fashion sense, I suppose. But I know people that wear feather duster like that. Theyre kind of popular right now, I think. You ask if he doesnt want to talk moreI dont know what you want to talk about. The little person says, as you are taken aback by the answer.

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