Dan stevens beauty and the beast

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As you look at the posters for Beauty and the Beast, the posters for Dan Stevens latest film The New York Trilogy, you sit inside your house, a poster of Dan and a poster of Emma. You turn off your television and go to bed. The days pass, and the weeks pass and the months pass; and you do not go outside your home at all. You do not go outside your home for many years. Until one day, you hear a door opening up. Daniel, I know what your fathers last name is. Reynolds and your father were best friends growing up. You go outside Your Fathers HouseDan was right. You walk outside your house, and your father is standing there. He is wearing a button down shirt and jeans. Dan, you dont have to wear any clothes. Well, it doesnt matter, youll get used to it. Dad, I dont want to wear any clothes. Dan, my son, we need to talk. Your father turns around to walk away, but you shout Dan. You follow Your FatherYou follow your father, and follow your father down the street. The street is busy, there are children running around and some adults laughing at the kids. You turn around, and see your father standing there pointing to you and shouting.

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