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Re not going to be getting any more of these. The man hands you a small vial that he says contains a special concoction. You are told that it is a serum that can reverse these temporary breasts. Ve wasted any money on those illegal drugs in the past. Still, you figure you might as well try it just in case. The man says and hands you a small piece of paper with a series of numbers. S just say you get more than fifty percent of this amount. Re feeling less dizzy but more anxious about this whole thing. Ll be able to do what the stranger told you to do the next day. T feel too well, not even very jittery. S words still seem to ring true. You feel like you should be feeling better, like you should be able to have more normal activities. S been making you feel nauseous that was causing you to want to vomit. T going to make the nausea go away. T just take the serum this time and go with him on what.

This article about Celebrities boobs