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And the smile spreads across your face and the tears come to your eyes. He hugs you with one hand, the other is wrapped around your shoulders as you sob into eachothers eyes. His arms are strong and he is holding you tightly. You let out one final sob as you let go. You continue You continue to sob when you return to your house, you let out a sob that is so loud it rattles the windows, you then cry in the shower and even in bed. A couple of days later, you have a horrible panic attack and start crying uncontrollably. Even your mother and several children are taken by surprise by your sudden crying. Eventually, she takes you back to your room. Youre too upset over the sudden outburst to sleep. You never want to live any more. You never really have a good nights sleep anymore. You just lay on the couch crying and wonder how you are going to die. The morning of the last day before you die, you hear a loud noise, like a train. You go to the window to watch the trainYou get up and go to the window and watch the train. It is a large steam-driven train that makes a great deal of noise. Then a large explosion happens with the roof going completely off. You start to feel sick and vomit, but manage to get up and walk back into your house. You are about to turn over, but find that your hand is stuck in a bag. Im sorry, I got a little over energetic. You say as you cough and splutter a bit. You get up and search for your hand. You manage to get rid of the bag and you pull your.

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