De toutes vos stars favorites dans notre capitale…

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I can make a trip to see these celebs. It isnt a trip to see them, you say. Its a trip to see them while theyre in their homes. I want you to give them back to me. I wont have you keep using up my time. You think you know where they all live. I do, you say, but youre asking ridiculous questions. You think that I want you to go take down every street and house in Paris. No, I want you to only go on streets I know about. You turn your head and see several buildings in the distance; the buildings look similar to the ones inside the village where you lived as a kid. Im not asking you to go to Paris. Im asking you to go to my house and to my neighbors house. They look like the same buildings where my mother grew up, and my neighbors mother grew up. Ligru stands up and reaches for something around his waist; its some sort of gun. You go give Ligrus gun back. Okay, fine, but you dont know where they all are. You can ask me again later. Okay then, Ill go ask again later tomorrow night. No, you cant go tomorrow night. Ligru looks down at the gun hes brandishing, as if he wants to hide it.

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