Dead Celebrities is the eighth episode of the thirteenth season of the American …

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Dead Celebrities is a thirteen episode episode of South Park that aired on. During the course of the episode, Cartman makes a list of celebrities, all of which have died recently. He releases the list to the public, which contains several obvious lies. He then proceeds to make some wild accusations about the deaths. This South Park episode is also notable for the fact that it was the first time a South Park episode had an episode dedicated to a death. However, the episode still contains several plot holes and plot-holes that the creators of South Park would be hesitant to address. Contents showSynopsisThe episode opens to see the Rock lying on the floor of his trailer. He has a large gash on his head in which one of his eyes is gone. The crowd is sitting in awe of the sight with many calling his name. The crowd soon gets restless and start to scream insults at him, believing him to be a murderer. Stan, Kyle and Kenny rush over to the Rock and tell him he will have to stay inside in order to calm the mob down. The police are soon called as the crowd attempts to attack the police for shooting the Rock. Kyle manages to subdue several of the mob to stop them from attacking the police. They then proceed to attack the police, but are easily taken out by the police. At the police station, Stan and Kyle are asked questions about the Rocks death, but there is no evidence to suggest who killed him. They are instead told the Rock died in a car crash and killed the other passengers. Kenny later confronts Kyle about the Rocks death, who says Stan is lying as the Rock wasnt in any way drunk when he died. Kenny retorts, I dont buy it, I think you killed the Rock. Kenny then proceeds to go and get himself into more trouble by getting into an argument with his brother. Kenny gets thrown out, but he soon goes on to start a fight with the other inmates, which causes the riot to occur. By the end of it, a large number of prisoners have taken control of the prison. Meanwhile, The Cartman children are watching the events from their computer in the basement. Their mother, Donna is worried about them because of the current situation of their house and they are watching the TV news in the basement. Well, at least theyre not making fun of us. Yes, but at least we dont have to worry anymore, Heather says.

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