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In stockFalse beauty may be found within but this enchanting ring is, unfortunately not, this charming ring. The ring has an elegant circle pendant with a rose gold tone rose charm in thecenterof. Why buy something youll never use or wear. Thats when you remember a little book you have that is related to the necklace. You make a mental note to read the book in a few days. You take the necklace and make a mental note to not wear it in public for awhile. The necklaces are of very high quality and look elegant on you. You take the necklace to get it appraised and its appraiser promptly looks at it and says Ah look at you now. Youre wearing a nice ring on your finger. You give money to the appraiser and say Thank youYou give the appraiser a few coins and say, Thank you and leave the shop, not realizing the money you gave him was for the necklace. You try to convince the appraiser he made a mistake. You say to the appraiser, If youve made a mistake, I would like to get rid of it before it goes into the collection pile. You get in your car and drive home as fast as you can without hitting anything, but your car is in such a hurry youre putting on a lot of speed and end up killing someone. You end up crashing into a parked car. The car you just crashed into is a beat-up old station wagon. The man in the passenger seat is dead, and the driver of the station wagon is in the back seat screaming for help as all the windows in the car are shot out. Your car is not so lucky, and then as youre trying to pull yourself out, you accidentally step on the gas instead and youre gone. You dont remember anything after the car was shot out. It was only the sound of a helicopter breaking the news that you remember after your shoes were so worn out that you couldnt walk any longer.

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