Demi Lovato Got a Huge Spider Tattoo on the Side of Their Head

Demi Lovato just debuted a new tattoo on their freshly-shaved head.

On Saturday, they took to their Instagram Story to unveil a huge black spider inked onto the side of their head. Lovato shared a photo of the tattoo by artist Dr. Woo alongside a patch of missing hair in its place. "By @dr_woo. Now @alchemistamber come fix my hair pleeeease," they joked about their temporary bald spot.

Lovato went on to explain the inspiration behind the tattoo, writing: "It was Grandmother Spider who taught us many things. She taught us about pottery and weaving. She taught us about fire and light and dark. She taught us that we are all connected on the web — each one of us having our own place in this world."

The inking comes after news that Demi quietly completed another treatment program. A source told People that the singer recently returned home from the rehab facility and has been making their sobriety and mental health a priority after their near-fatal overdose in 2018. The insider explained, "Demi is committed to their well-being, and throughout their life, they plan to do regular check-ins to make sure they are putting themselves first."

Last year, Demi announced that they were ditching their "California sober" lifestyle. "I no longer support my 'California sober' ways," Lovato previously wrote on their Instagram Story, revealing that they no longer are drinking or smoking marijuana in moderation. "Sober sober is the only way to be."

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