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The Illuminati arent just a political secret society. Theyre also a satanic cult; they just follow Satan a little differently than the rest of the satanic cults do. Youd be very surprised to hear that theyre not actually satanic in nature. Its just that theyve just adopted the religious philosophy of Satanism to the point that they can actually be considered satanic if youre looking at it from outside of the religious context. The world is crazy enough without the publicity, too. You have two choices: You can either play along and play up to the media and youre going to be playing for a lot more than a few people that like your music. Or you can play up to your fans and you might even be able to get a few musicians on board. If you can play up to the media then it wont really matter what happens with your fans. And if you can get a few musicians on board, then you can at least get them to play for a living; or at least as a job, the pay might be fine and then you could work for the organization out of your home if that suits your fancy. You never were one to want a big organization in your home, but that would be a nice change of pace. You decide to play up to the media and get it all over with as soon as possible. As you get up to go in, you hear a few of the people waiting in line behind you gasp a bit. A-are you serious are you telling everybody to come in. I mean I was just in here a couple minutes ago and what do I get for my troubles. As you get to the door, you look around and see several people sitting on the floor on the chairs and tables, or simply just standing around waiting for you to come in. You see a large amount of people mumbling to each other in a variety of languages. You can see that the people are from a wide variety of countries and people, but most of the people seem to be.

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