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A man who will survive the worlds destruction is infront of you. You will thrive, no matter the odds, you deserve this. Then, you feel something that youve never felt before. A pain so great you feel as if your entire body is being crushed. You scream in pain as something begins to appear in the room. It begins to float in the air and its face looks so much like Dianas that its frightening. You feel compelled to fight, but something stops you. This being doesnt seem human, its flesh is rotting and its eyes are a red light. As if sensing your hesitation, it laughs, and then its face begins to take on a hideous appearance that you just dont want to stare at. It slowly raises its hands to become a pair of talons, each one resembling a knife. As it begins to look at you, you feel as if youre about to be devoured. You scream, but it doesnt stop its actions, and when it reaches your face, you only feel horror. Suddenly, the figure begins to smile and then it turns its head to stare at the girls on the floor and let out a sound that is unlike any other youve ever heard. Its a scream that can only be described with the word horrifying. You dont know how long this thing was looking at Diana, or if it ever even did, but you look at its backside and it begins to take on what looks to be a tail that has several spikes. The creature raises its hands and you feel your life force being transferred into them, but you are a dead man. Theres tears streaming down your face as you look at your body on the floor. The creature looks at you and smiles for the first time. Its body begins to glow red and its face transforms from horrible to beautiful. Its eyes are blood red, and red flames begin to emanate from its eyes and its mouth. It begins to howl and you know that your time has come. The image of Diana doesnt change, but the voice does. A deep and creepy voice that only seems to affect the mind. Youre about to ask Diana to come back, but she doesnt move.

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