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New Diva Season 4: Meet the:nswered: 2 You watch the trailerYou begin to watch the trailer a few days before its release. You feel quite happy watching it, because you are already convinced that the film is going to be good. In the trailer, you see many attractive young people, some older and some younger. You see many men, some with red hair and some with blond hair and some with red hair and other colors. You see many tall, some short and others average height. You see many women with different shapes and many with the same ones. You see many people wearing different outfits, some in traditional clothes, some in fancy clothes and some dressed in something else. And you see many more people who just look like your friends from high school, some of them quite mature looking yourself even if they look like they are teenagers. You smile and begin to enjoy yourself watching the trailer, even though it is only going to be a few weeks until the movie is released and youre probably going to have to sit through it all again, but you wont have to worry about that anymore. In the trailer, you see the new location, you see all the new characters, you see the new technology and you even see a few more things which you have forgotten about until now, but which are obviously going to help the movie in some way:Two robots, one male and one female, both robots from the future. Two flying vehicles, one airship and one flying saucer. A few guns on a few people, presumably the soldiers from the future. A few guns on people from the past as well, but you guess that they will be used more in the movies plot than to kill. And many other things you cant remember yet. You know that you have to be serious about watching the trailer when it is released, because after it is released, you wont have anything else to do for a few weeks at least. The day of the release is almost here and youre just about to turn off your TV when you think about one other thing: a strange song is playing on the TV, it is probably some sort of song, but you cant quite recognize what it is, not surprising, since it sounds like something from another time. You play it for the othersYou play the song you heard on the TV and play it to the others in the living room, you hope that they will like it too. You say as you proceed with your actions. Its weird too, but then Ive never really experienced the sort of technology you see in this world, let alone one with flying.

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