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You dont go with them, you arent ready for the world of pain, and you go your own wayYou decide to walk to the nearby forest and hide from the outside world, and slowly close your eyes in order to forget all about the outside world. After a little while you stumble upon a small house. You dont really want to sleep in some abandoned house on your way to somewhere else, youll have to find your way back at some point to find a way out of this place, you might even encounter enemies along the way. You hide yourself in the attic of the house and you think about your options. You try to find a way out of this placeYou slowly get out from the attic and quickly walk downstairs. You see various rooms full of boxes, you also see boxes with different numbers on them and they all have something written on them in a very disorganized way. You finally spot a familiar white van parked in front of the house. With all your senses still alert you finally open the van door. Inside, all you see is a very young man, probably just about your age with a beard and black hair. He looks as if hes looking for something or someone. Who can I get the most help against the zombies in the area and the nearest place to get some booze and food, before the walkie-talkies go down. You help the man, you know him, hes not going to abandon youYou quickly reach out and touch the mans hand, he feels weird though, youre very warm. Well youre not an asshole, you are my son and you are in possession of a gift of the gods. You smile and nod and start helping the man. He tells you about the supplies hes looking for and you explain that he should just go out and look, you have enough food and water in your pocket to last you a couple of days. Well come, were going to look for more supplies. The man nods and nods and then he leaves to fetch the stuff you need. You spend most of the day looking around for food and water, but nothing seemed out of place. Hey Im hungry and thirsty, where do I go to get food and drink. You can get food and drink in the van in the driveway, theyve got enough food and drink to last you a couple of days. Theres a back door if you dont want to go out. You look around a bit and find some empty boxes on the wall next to the van, along with a small table with some drinks and food. It looks like the man was right about them having good stuff. You grab a drink and eat some of the food and soon youre full.

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