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And this is of course assuming I could ever agree to such a meeting. However, perhaps you might be interested in hearing my plans for the future. I grew up in this small village on the shores of the island kingdom of Nalia. I remember visiting this island once since it was the only home I knew that had some semblance of civilization for miles around. That was many years ago, and Nalia itself has since fallen under the sway of the shadow cabal. It may have survived as a remnant country under a new name, but it was nothing like the land I knew. Before the shadow cabal controlled our nation, humanity was free to explore the world. It was an era in which great cities existed in every corner of the world. The shadow cabal has used its control of the government to silence any who speak out against them or who may be seen as threats to their power. We live in a time of constant fear and paranoia. The only good thing about the shadow cabals rise to power is that it has made us all realize the folly of trying to keep up our technological advances. We will soon be returning to a civilization that once existed. I think you may be the only one in our nation that knows of what happened to humanity in the years after their return. A conspiracy to create a human-esque being was discovered years ago. His very existence threatened to destroy the very foundations of human society. There is no doubt that he was designed to be an example to humanity of how it should behave. Instead, he created the perfect vessel to be used for the purpose. I believe this person who is now in your possession is one such experiment. I am sure that you have the knowledge to be able to reverse engineer this being and bring him to justice. Perhaps even to a suitable home, where he will no longer pose a threat to the world. The very same thing the shadow cabal did to Nalia centuries ago. You are not a threat, and it is my opinion that YOU should be allowed to live. You ask Talia about the shadow cabalSo when, exactly, did the shadow cabal attack Nalia.

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