Dolly Parton’s new ice cream flavor crashed the site and is getting price gouged on eBay

Late last year Dolly Parton passed on the opportunity to be memorialized with a statue at the Tennessee state capitol. People are finding other ways to give Dolly her roses while she is still with us. Jeni’s ice cream collaborated with Dolly to create a flavor to benefit Dolly’s charity, the Imagination Library. Sales of the limited edition Dolly flavor, Strawberry Pretzel Pie, crashed Jeni’s site in the first 24 hours. At least one of the people lucky enough to score a pint at $12 is trying to sell it for $1000 on Ebay. Below is more on the story from WREG:

The limited-run of Dolly Parton’s Strawberry Pretzel Pie Ice Cream by Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream was so popular that it caused the company’s site to crash on Thursday.

A statement on said the site experienced 50 times more users than it typically sees.

Some of the lucky few that were able to snag one of the 10,000 pints are looking to make a profit off the dessert that benefits Dolly’s Imagination Library.

One pint of the stuff was for sale on Ebay for $1,000 on Friday.

One fan could not resist tasting the frozen treat with layers of salty pretzel streusel, cream cheese ice cream and strawberry sauce, but is selling the remaining carton.

That purchase will set you back $25.

Jeni’s Ice Cream says they will give a 48-hour notice on social media and via email before sales resume on once the ordering website is fixed. Sales are limited to two pints per order.

[From WREG Memphis News]

This is one of the most ridiculous stories I have read. First of all, how in the world is anyone selling a pint of ice cream for $12? Ima need there to be 14k gold flakes in it for that price. I am low key hating on folks who can actually afford a $12 pint of ice cream and at the same time, even if I was rich I don’t think I could bring my cheap ass to cough up $12 for ice cream. At least the purchase is going towards a good cause.

The Dolly flavor sounds amazing. Strawberries, cream cheese ice cream and pretzel streusel sound divine. like a crunchy strawberry cheesecake. Besides my incredulity at the original price, I like that a portion of sales go to Dolly’s Imagination Library program. I have heard amazing things about her charity. Giving a child the gift of reading is beautiful in my book (no pun intended). The fact that people are trying to charge $1000 for a pint of ice cream is insane. And those crazy enough to pay $25 for a carton and not even get the chance to taste the ice cream is even more insane. I hope those who want to buy the $12 pint will be able to purchase theirs legitimately from the site when the flavor is available again. This story is a testament to the popularity and love we have for Dolly Parton. May she always reign in our hearts.

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