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Anyway, this story doesnt take place in the same universe as my other stories. Well, lets just say theres a lot more of this story, I guess. I was just coming home from work and heard a loud noise on the TV. I wasnt even sure if I was going to make my usual stop to get a snack so I was just putting everything else on hold. I saw the screen go black for a moment and then when it came back on the video looked like it was in slow motion. The news was on and when they came back on, there was a breaking news segment. A plane has gone missing in the area over the mountains and all of a sudden a search, a rescue and a number of people are searching the area. Looks like a plane crashed into a mountain in the mountains near here. She continued on, Apparently no life has been found and nobody has any survivors but the plane seems to have gone down in a remote mountainous area, which means there is no cell service because it would have to land somewhere. The channel switched to another news segment about a possible shark attack off the coast of Maine. Its probably nothing, but it would be good if people could take this to heart, because it seems like people are getting more and more careless with life nowadays. Thats right, you know what they say about people getting careless. She said and then paused for a brief moment before continuing. It seems like the more they take care of something the less theyre willing to do to preserve it. So there you have it folks, a plane has gone missing over the mountains, in the mountains near here and people are all over the sky looking for it. Im glad were all taking these things seriously, I mean what if it was a populated area like New York City or Washington DC. Or even a major metropolitan area like Los Angeles or Dallas or Chicago you know, the major metropolitan areas that would be affected by a plane crash. But seriously, what happens if the plane isnt found.

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