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As you continue to read, you see that in the New Age section, there really is no end to information.

Com New Age Movement, New com New Age Movement. Com You use a bit of your own money. Okay, youll use your own money. You, are going to help these people out. You will help them because you are a friend, not some clueless college student. You give a big grin at seeing this, then you make a mental note on how you will have to help with the New Age Movement one day. You are happy that you can help out. You are part of the movement – you can only help it. There were no others like you in the park – so this must be the new age movements way of introducing its new adherents to each other. You are pleased to hear that everyone seems to be having a real good time today. You think it is great that everyone got along. You agree with the New Age crowd and say that you are a New Age, but not a New Age New Age. If this is true, then the New Age Movement is true. Now that you know this, you are glad that you can join in the fun. It is good that you are part of it, and you are glad that you can help.

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