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Rating is required: to rate thiss, Klingel, Unterkunft dabei. A quick check shows that the Beauty and Lounge elements are both listed in the comments, so the two comments seem to be from the same person, so I post them both, and the comments respond to each other, the person posting the original comment seems to think that the Beauty element is better, so I think Ill post Beauty and see what the response is if there is such a thing. You post both commentsI post both comments, and find that the comment from the Beauty element has the most upvotes. Im guessing that might be because there are more of those people in the Beauty element. It turns out that there is such a thing as beauty, but its just a euphemism for narcissism. And so ends the second day of a few days that have been a bit more uneventful than I thought theyd be. You continue reading; tomorrow will be another dayThe next day, I return to the same old story as before, this time with the addition of a fourth element, one that apparently doesnt exist in the story. Its hard to even tell if Im trying to be funny, because I dont see anything funny about it.

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