Emily Andre celebrates ‘proud mum’ moment as son Theo learns to swim

Emily Andre has revealed her son Theo – who she shares with husband Peter Andre – hit a milestone on their holiday to Portugal as he learnt to swim in the pool.

In this week's column, the mum of two, 32, opens up about how proud she is of her four year old son, which is exclusively for OK! VIP members.

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Theo hit a milestone during our holiday in Portugal and swam without armbands for the first time. It was a very proud mum moment for me! When we went on holiday in May he didn’t even want to put his head under the water and this time he said, “I don’t need my armbands, mum!” and just started swimming by himself out of nowhere. He was so excited and very pleased with himself.

With Theo I felt really bad because Millie was swimming by the time she was three, but because of the pandemic he missed out on swimming lessons and us being able to teach him as much on holidays. I think now things are getting back to normal more I will get them both swimming lessons because it’s such an important thing for them to learn. I also hope this year will be more normal for them at school.

Theo is only a few weeks from starting and I think he’s still in denial about it! He knows it’s happening but he hasn’t got his head around it yet so I’m not talking to him about it too much at the moment. I’ve booked him an appointment to go and get some school shoes fitted, so maybe it will sink in for him a bit after that. I’m just going to keep a close eye on him for the first few weeks and cross my fingers that he enjoys it.


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Before we went away we were meant to be going to see Pete do a gig but both Millie and Theo got a tummy bug! Theo had it in the week and was being sick and then the night before the gig Millie started throwing up, too. I was very lucky not to get it. They were both devastated they couldn’t go and there were lots of tears. I’m definitely going to take them to one of his other gigs. We’re also going to watch him in a matinee performance of Grease. It will be really sweet to see Theo watch his dad perform as he still doesn’t understand what he does for a job! I think they will both love to watch him.

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