Emily Andrea slams new cartoon for ‘disrespectful’ portrayal of the Royals

Emily Andrea has slammed an American cartoon for the "disrespectful" way in which it portrays the British Royal Family.

In her weekly OK! column for, the mum of two shares her thoughts on The Prince and said it is cruel to mock a child, adding: "I hope he never sees it." Emily also chats about our Olympic success and her family holiday with her children Amelia, seven, and Theodore, four – and why the family are sad that dad Peter Andre couldn't make it.

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The little ones and I are on holiday in Portugal with some of my family this week. Pete wasn’t able to join us as he has Grease performances. We’re sad he can’t be with us, but we’re having a great time and we speak on FaceTime every day.

We’ve been playing in the pool and in the sea – I do love the sun, but the older I get the more I think about my skin and I’ve become a lot more careful about slapping on the factor 30. We’re staying in a self-catered place so we’ve been doing some cooking, too.

All the kids’ clubs are still closed so we’re just having some family fun. We might go to a water park, but mostly we’ll just be chilling by the pool. I love my job so much that my annual leave comes round before I even realise, but it is nice to have some time off to spend with the kids.

At the moment, Portugal is on the amber list. Before we flew, I had to do a Covid test, but the kids didn’t. You have to be double jabbed and show your vaccine passport to avoid quarantine when you arrive. I’ll need to have a test before I come home, as well as one on day two – as will Millie – but it hasn’t been too confusing.

Although lots of things are open in Portugal, it’s reassuring that there are still lots of precautions in place to keep everyone safe. Last week, the government said they were scrapping plans for an amber watchlist.

They are in a difficult position because they are trying to keep everyone safe while allowing people to have some freedom. I think it’s great they are trying to make it as simple as possible, and I am trusting the experts to monitor the statistics and let us know if anything changes.


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Royal cartoon

Over in America, there is a cartoon about Prince George coming out called The Prince that seems to mock the royal family. I won’t be tuning in, mainly because I don’t watch cartoons anyway!

But I think we need to remember that although the royals are in the public eye, they are real people with real feelings. I think the way the Duke of Edinburgh is portrayed is disrespectful.

Not everything should be serious all the time and we should feel able to have a laugh, but there are boundaries. I think making Prince George – an eight-year-old – the focus of a mocking cartoon is terrible. I hope he never sees it.

Maybe it doesn’t feel as outrageous in America, but a lot of people here are really proud of our royal family, so the humour may not be as well received.

Strong women

We’ve won even more medals in the Olympics over the last week and it’s so exciting! One that stood out to me was Emily Campbell becoming the first British woman to win a medal in weightlifting with her silver. It’s such an achievement and what a brilliant message to send to young people in the UK.

The thing I love about the Olympics is that no matter what your gender or event, the athletes work so hard and dedicate years and years to their discipline. It’s just so inspiring.

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