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Now if I had seen this movie six years ago I know that this might be a different review. I cant tell you how hard it was to watch this movie for the first time. However, I think Emma Watson turned out to be the best Emma Watson ever, and I am glad I saw this movie when I did. I still have a lot of issues with this movie, I have mentioned them before, and I am not going to say them again. I have a lot that I wish I could change, so I will just say that the movie is a bit repetitive and boring as far as story is concerned, I would have liked a bit more from the characters. Of course I am also going to say this has the potential to be great, but there just wasnt enough time to make it great. I would give it a B at best, but I will be giving it a C overall, because I just dont think the movie was as creative as it could have been. What do you think of the movie so far. Have you seen it, and if you have how did you feel about it. The man who was killed in a shootout in East Falls this afternoon was a wanted felon, according to police. The shootout happened just after 3 PM, and the victim, a 32 year-old man from Lansdale, was taken away on a stretcher. WBZ NewsRadio 1030s Carl Stevens reports He was identified as Thomas Emanuelson, a convicted felon, by his family. East Falls Police Chief Brian Kyes said there was an outstanding warrant out for Emanuelsons arrest after a traffic violation in May 2005. That warrant was executed Saturday and he was shot by police who were called to a house on North 4th Street where he was staying. Kyes says Emanuelson was armed with a gun, and the police were attempting to serve the warrant in the basement. The suspect fired several rounds at the police officer and other units attempted to enter the dwelling to help the police officer. At one time during this process, the suspect fired inside one of the apartments. Its unknown if he struck anyone in that apartment, but two police officers and two residents that went upstairs to.

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