Escape To The Chateaus Dick Strawbridge speaks out after latest post sparks concern

Escape to the Chateau: Angel on 'excitement' of finding 'gems'

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Escape to the Chateau fans have been missing Dick Strawbridge and his wife Angel Adoree on screens since their latest series came to an end. Thankfully Dick has been keeping viewers up to date with what they’ve been up to on social media.

Recently, his post even sparked some concern from one of his followers.

A fan reached out to Dick after he shared an outdoor cinema he’d created for his family at the Chateau.

This featured a projector screen, comfortable seats and cosy rugs.

However, one fan was left concerned about one element of the set-up.

They reached out to Dick asking: “What a great home movie theatre!

“Love seeing your family…the kids are getting so big!!

“Just curious…are mosquitoes an issue?”

However, the presenter was quick to reassure the curious viewer.

He penned back: “No mosquito problem.

“It seems to be a well balanced eco-system based on the moat – with lots of predation from fish, dragonflies & hawkers, swallows, bats ….”

As fans of the show Escape to the Chateau will know the has an impressive moat around its grounds.

This surrounds their 45-room home the pair have been renovating from all sides.

Following Dick’s update, many other fans also weighed in with their thoughts.

One penned: “Perfect. For the first 5 years of our much much smaller pond we suffered with mosquitoes, but then it settled down, the birds and bats came with the dragonflies, frogs and toads.

“The last 10 years have been fine.”

Another added: “Sounds like (and is) a piece of heaven.”

However, some other followers had questions for the presenter.

One asked: “Does the moat water level change much? And what’s the source of the water in there?”

A second queried: “What types of fish do you have in the moat Dick?”

Escape to the Chateau follows Dick and Angel as they slowly work on their home.

Filming is currently underway for the eighth season of the show but no release date has been confirmed yet.

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