Even celebs arent immune to the awkwardness of prom…

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Re saying this to Riley, but you DO think going to prom with her was the best thing that ever happened to you. T even seem like herself anymore. Re really saying those words out loud. Riley stares at you, dumbfounded and a bit confused. You feel your heart beginning to flutter a bit. You grab a nearby chair and sit down next to Riley with a smile on your face. While you both look at each other, you actually start to feel a little nervous. M so sorry if you were having troubles at home. I did my best to make things better for you. You say, hoping that somehow this will make things better for Riley. You then realize that this whole situation has just escalated too far for you. Ve been in the middle of another relationship and somehow this feels even more awkward than usual. You briefly glance around and see that everyone else in the room is probably thinking the same way as well. Before you can say anything, a couple of people approach you. S slightly older than you, perhaps even a bit older than Riley. I just wanted to speak with you as soon as I heard you got accepted to the university. I live nearby and just started my last year of school. Ve always seemed like the perfect girl for me. T really friends or anything, but I do remember seeing you around our school and talking with you for a moment when you were walking by.

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