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A valid email address and the name of your order is required for addition of the basket number. Your request will be sent in a random basket depending on basket number before the end of the year. Ve been left very much out in the cold and confused. Re sitting at your computer, a bottle of scotch in your hand, a bottle of gin by your side. Re looking for a woman that you think you could be with. T even remember what you were thinking about before this moment. The last thing you can remember is asking your mother when you were nine what kind of woman made the best wife. Your mother sighs with the bottle in hand and looks at you. D love to have a woman be jealous of you and to talk about you. You think about all your friends and their wives and what you never have any of it because you never get to talk to your friends, but you still feel jealous by their wives and it breaks your heart. You feel like a piece of glass in your heart that has to be held tightly. You think about how you think about her as you brush your teeth. D held onto it and never let you go. The way you would fall asleep holding onto her and wake up dreaming of her.

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