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The fact that celebrities get caught, caught on tape, and have their private life broadcast for all to see, and then are defended by the mainstream media, is truly disturbing. What if a high school student or a parent or a teacher had filmed a teacher or a parent or a child having sex. Would the childs parents be arrested, the schools reputation destroyed, and the perpetrator charged with child pornography. In my opinion, THE PEOPLE who are committing these crimes against the public are the same ones who are going to suffer consequences. As an American citizen, I believe Americans should be able to live their lives the way they want to live their lives without interference from the government. And I believe that ALL citizens should have the ability to express themselves the way they want to express themselves. The people who post sexual obscenities, the voyeurs, the lechers and sexually explicit comments online are the public. By allowing these types of activities to flourish and be protected by the First Amendment, we are not just condoning these types of acts, but also enabling them. The people who post sexually explicit comments and messages must be punished as if they are actually committing acts against the public. The people who act on these comments and messages must be punished by being arrested, prosecuted, and possibly even killed by the government. I am a free individual with my own life, just as you are. I dont need the government telling me what I can and cant do. I dont need to hide behind walls or behind a computer screen. We both want whats best for this great nation. We both believe that life is sacred and that is why we fight for it for ALL of us. As for me, I am asking that we all unite. Lets show the world that we do NOT support these acts against the public and we support the government in their actions against these criminals. We have the means to punish the people that are violating the public trust. We can show them who we are as Americans. We deserve to have our privacy and our rights respected. If this petition is successful, I will start an online petition called Boycott the Naughty Celebrities which will promote this petition and hopefully will encourage more people to sign it and hopefully to not watch these videos that are being posted online. I am asking that you sign the petition so that other fans and even strangers can spread this idea over the Internet. Lets show these evil people who are attacking not just my own rights, but everyones rights, that we stand together and were not going to be silenced by pornography or even cyber bullies or pedophiles or whoever might happen to be harassing whoever or whoever on the Internet today.

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