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Im here to share my experience of Cops with you. A few more emails follow, and youre off. You decide to stick with Google Maps for your next stop. Its a long trip, which means youre up late. It also means youre up early, which means you get no sleep until late into the morning. You eventually arrive at your destination, which is a nondescript building in a nondescript part of town. It looks like a bank, except the windows and the sign outside are all glass. When you enter, you find the place mostly empty. A few people stand outside in the cold, wearing only their coats and gloves. Theres a small ATM machine set up in a corner, and you can see a couple people in a dimly-lit back room pecking at a laptop, which is open and currently connected to the internet. It takes a while, but eventually you reach your destination. You get out of your car and take a seat at a desk that looks identical to the one you were at when you called the police. You set your phone down and close your eyes. You remember the names of several of the people you called. You also remember how you felt about each of them. You still cant bring yourself to call her. You had so much in common before she moved away from you. All she did was take pictures of you with her iPhone. You had a brief conversation on the phone that lasted two minutes. When was the last time youve had a real relationship. A young, thin woman speaks into the phone: Hello. A female voice answers back, with a Southern accent: Hi. You: Hey, can you tell me what time is it already. A female voice replies back, from the other end of the line: Its. Thats three hours after you rang the police. Wait, they said this was their emergency line. A male voice replies back from the other end of the line: Hi.

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