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Ll see her walking away from it, with her backpack and a big smile on her face. T really think about it, until you got back to the living room. You do get a call, though, one from Kayla. You groggily answer your phone, and listen through the receiver. M really messed up right now. You answer trying to make it sound like you are fine with her answering, but she immediately cuts you off. S doing really good and that you need to come hang out with her tomorrow night. So you get very angry and hang up. T even try to help, when you thought you were going to get a reply to your message. Re about to call her back, the phone rings. S really busy, but she just hangs up anyway. You then put your phone in your pocket, and continue to think about her. You continue to think about herYou continue to think about Kayla, until your head hits the pillow. You wake up to another voicemail from Kayla. Hey, you were pretty hungover at the time. But the important thing is you really need to.

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