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William Barry Newton, 1837 1921, Died, March 15, You stayAt this point, you decide to stay at the college, Although you are sure that it will be just another school the whole time The girls at the school, And, if possible, the people working at the other jobs in the college, will most likely not be as impressed with you, if you have the talent you think you do, but, at least you are still with people who you can converse with, for a time anyway. You talk to the girlsYou decide to talk to the girls at the school you have spoken to so far, as well as a few others, on the day you depart. The girls seem really nice, if a bit standoffish, but, with enough convincing, they are able to give you the name of someone they think might work well. You are also lucky enough to get the name of a new roommate, a girl who seems more than happy to be spending time with you. Three Years LaterYou arrived at the campus about three years later, after spending time at several other colleges, most of which you had no knowledge of, and had to deal with many changes. The college was still pretty much the same, but it seemed that it was a little more crowded now. All the same, the college was still relatively quiet, except for the occasional screamer, or two on the bus, or the occasional drunk who was trying to make some sort of statement, or a girl you saw being propositioned by some drunk guy, and it was at that moment that you realized the college was never going to be home to you, never. You the First YearNow that you have a little more time to work with, you are able to approach the college a lot better. It appears that even with the new people there, the first year there seems to be a little more relaxed. It is actually very good to see a college that is so relaxed. You are actually starting to get used to the time difference. Its almost like you are used to being away from your home, and you never thought you would be, but maybe thats only because you never really thought yourself capable of those thoughts, but here you are anyway. No sooner have you said that, when you are approached by a girl who is quite friendly, although you dont seem to be quite that friendly. Im really sorry, I havent been using my phone. I was just visiting a friend down here and she asked me to pick you up and then she was kind enough to take me down to meet you. You have such a great room here, it is nice and bright and the view is amazing.

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