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Share your favorite GIFs and download them for free on GIPHY. Share your favorite Beauty and The Beasts and download them for free on GIPHY. We have all had an opportunity to observe his actions and decisions. However, we all tend to forget that he did not come into power until he was president since he was a businessman. We live in such a time where we look at his actions, the first few weeks and then the last few weeks to give his full perspective of how he is handling things here at home. What do we know about the man behind the throne. Well, we know he is a real estate mogul, he has built quite a bit of one and as his father did before him, he has his business dealings in all different aspects of what we could call the real estate community. When he was a child, we dont know a year his fathers business was struggling with a real estate crash. To make a long story short, the Trump family was in the area where Trump bought land with two partners who worked on his fathers business. Trump had to sell his shares at a lower price for his familys benefit. The whole thing was not a bad deal for the Trump family. The partners worked with Trump and his father, and Trump won in the end and bought land that he was able to build a real estate project. For many in the business community, Trump did not have a real problem with the business community which he saw as the key to his success. Trump did not follow through with his own properties and built several hotels in Atlantic City to get a head start on the competition. Then he did something else that was more of a gamble and decided to build a casino and he was not successful. After these failures he had another business partner, a guy named Frank Pompili. Pompili and Trump partnered up to build several casinos together but it didnt work out. Pompili was just as frustrated with Trump as the rest of the real estate community was. Finally, the story of Trumps gambling business is also a less than successful one. The one that was successful, the Taj Mahal, was sold to a group of investors who ended.

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