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Oh that makes sense, but I still dont see how that explains my situation. Well I think we can talk about that in the future, but since we dont have a lot of time I think I can give you a quick update on what I know. Well for starters we have three other patients that were sent here a lot earlier this month. I had to move them all to other wards at the same time, but all three of them are doing better than you are. I know, but I think we can talk about this another time. T need to be on the top of the most wanted list in the galaxy, but I sure as hell want to be out of here and be able to start a new life somewhere else. M not going to be working here anymore when I get out of here. T want the job, but I need to make a new start. Can you please help me get home. Re going to definitely be going back to the hospital again. If you REALLY want to go home please let me know. Ll get them to you as quickly as possible. Ve got a long road of rehab ahead of you. Re going to be given certain things to do here.

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