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With this matter resolved, you get yourself settled on a chair and start to play Fallout 4. Re in an underground bunker when your alarm goes off. A giant mutant mole rat comes charging down the hallway in your direction. You drop to the ground and roll around in an effort to avoid getting roasted alive. T quite make it to your position, because its big, ugly mug, and furry body, gets smashed to a pulp by a high-powered gavel on one of the walls. Soon after the fight is over, a loud beeping noise is heard, and the entrance to the bunker shakes. S about, since the power in the area has gone out as well. S lying in the middle of the room in a pool of her own blood. You begin to go into a full-blown psychotic episode. And then one of the worst things that happens to you is that you smash open the control panel on the elevator and kill yourself in the process. T leave behind any evidence and nobody ever suspects that you were involved at all. You never again touch your Fallout 4 save file ever again.

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