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You go back to the door and try to get inYou head back to the door. You dont know how you can go in but you have to try. You enter the doorYou walk through the door. The room is too small and your vision goes black. You wake upYou wake up in the bed. You turn your head and see the wall of the room with a window. The light breeze makes it feel as if you are flying. You leave the bedYou leave the bed and go out of the room. Now that you are out of the bed you notice the room is too small. Outside, you can see a large castle and you can see a man who is in front of a small boat. Yes, I have seen Sleeping Beauty in many stages. You can see the changes in her personality on the way. Captain Fredrick says, as if he had wanted to say something else, but was stammering. Suddenly, you feel as if someone should be helping the captain of this boat. You walk up to Captain Fredrick and ask him who is this man. He asks you if you know who you are. You tell him who you are and he asks what you have done to you. You tell him the truthI am the person in the movie Sleeping Beauty. You, are not the film maker, but you can see a big change in the movie as it is seen by the audience when they see it on screen. You tell Captain Fredrick this and look at your hands and arms. My fingers are curved, my hands are smaller, my arms are larger and my nails are thicker. Captain Fredrick sees your hands on your face and feels his heart skip a beat. Captain Fredrick takes you back to the room. You look at the bed and the bed sheets and then close.

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