Famous people with Alzheimers like Charlton Heston and Ronald …

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Another celebrity, Tina Fey, reveals her differences with her husband. She tells the press she is in favor of killing her, but he doves her and refuses. She leaves and the next year she marries a lesser-known man. Government becomes aware of the story, and as a result, the draft is increased to increase the number of volunteers for the war effort. In 1950, the government institutes the Nervous Disease Control Program. By 1952, most of the disease is gone, except for a few cases of the early phases of cancer. In 1957, the World Health Organization officially recognizes Alzheimers as a disease, and declares it an epidemic. In 1969, the World Health Organization declares the end of the epidemic. You go to collegeYou decide to pursue a career as a doctor, and you attend New York University in New York City. You think youre in a tough time financially, but youre saving just enough to buy your own apartment a few years from now. It turns out that your friend David doesnt have any real problem with you taking your roommate, and neither do the rest of you in the dorm. You were just having a little bit of fun, and youre glad you didnt pay for Davids sister Rachels room. Youre about to leave the party when your roommate suddenly comes over to see you. Youre glad to see that hes a nice person. He says he has a few questions for you, but he also wants to spend the night with you. That afternoon you go to Rachels room and find your roommate with her. Hes a lot friendlier than you expected and youre glad that you had fun tonight. He was very friendly the night you first met him, but tonight he seemed to mean more. You have a little more fun walking around campus, but David and Rachel seem to go their separate ways. Theyre never seen together ever since. Its the beginning of the school year and your life now includes a job as a bartender and regular sex. You dont think youll ever be able to get over Rachel, but eventually it becomes more of a routine than a feeling. As the months pass you see David less and less in the halls. He doesnt even come over for Thanksgiving dinner. Rachel says that shes had enough of being alone and wants out of the dorms for good.

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