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S causing you misery at the present time. Ll get someone else to drive her home. She does, and you soon find out why, you arrive at home and find a package from your sister waiting for you there. S definitely from her, which makes you quite happy. You then go and grab your video game system, which has been sitting under the bed, and quickly go ahead and turn it on. The first game you play is a platform game that seems very simple to play, but actually seems to be very hard. T die as much as you thought you would, and you have a lot of fun. T played a game in quite some time. It still seems to just be a game for entertainment purposes, as something to pass the time. S when you begin to get worried about this whole arrangement. This is obviously the case, or else why is she taking all the fun out of the things you both play. This gets to you more than you would have thought it would. Re really upset with your sister and feel as though you have to lie to her to alleviate your own feelings of depression. You decide to leave the room to get some air, but after doing so another strange phenomenon occurs; you find yourself being transported to a new part of your house.

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