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You go through all the celebrities with first names and see that A-Rod, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and others are present. You want to be a celebrityYou say I want to be a celebrity and then you start to walk ahead and head towards the exit. Once you feel comfortable in front of the big screen you can take a look on the website. You ask aloud and realize that you didnt expect to hear yourself ask that. You reply and then you head to the big screen. When you look through the list of movies you find out that your favorite movies are, The Incredibles, because you like superheroes. And you watch it in the dark while the world goes back to sleep. After a couple of hours youre bored and leave the computer room in search of different things to do. You feel a bit funny and you get some of the girls in the cafeteria to look at you. Apparently you made a new friend, so you do it. Then it dawns on you that you might be dreaming. You quickly wake up and leave the building. I was just doing the same thing I was doing before in my room. You head towards the elevator and then at the last second you remember something you need to do. So, out of curiosity, you tell the elevator to go back down and then once out it takes you back to your bed. You go and you go and you go and you go again. Youre really not having any luck, you cant even meet the girls that you want to, you just end up wasting time. Its like youre on auto-pilot, you know where you should go, but you dont feel like going to those places. You decide that the only way to move forward is to start making new friends, and since you dont feel like getting drunk, you decide to go the library. You take a deep breath of air, look around and look for a computer room. You dont find one so you go to the bathroom and clean off the bathroom floor. You get a beerHey, look, this should do.

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